Rim Protection

2015 Playoffs


2014-15-Regular Season

2013-14 Regular Season

Contest%: How frequently a player contests shots at the rim, relative to the number of possible attempts

Saved/36: How many points a player saves per 36 minutes, given the number of shots they contest per at the rim per 36 minutes, and their opponents’ FG% on shots they contest at the rim, compared to the league average FG% at the rim. Calculated using NBA.com’s SportVU Player Tracking Statistics.

Adj. Saved/36: An adjustment of Saved/36 that equalizes all players to a league average environment. This accounts for teams that play at faster or slower paces, allowing for a smaller or larger number of shots at the rim which could be contested.

S OPA/36: Another adjustment that manipulated Adj. Saved/36 to compare each player to an average player at their position, essentially — how many more (or less) points per 36 minutes does this player prevent with their rim protection than an average NBA big man.

S OPA/G: This is the same as S OPA/36, but by game instead of per 36 minutes.

All statistics were calculated by Seth Partnow, using the NBA.com’s SportVU Player Tracking Statistics. You can read a full description of the methodology here.