XPPS: Team

Expected Points Per Shot (XPPS): An estimate of a team’s average points per shot value given their distribution of shots from different locations and the league average (from 2000-2014) per shot value of shots from each of those different locations. Essentially, this is a rough measure of the quality of a team’s shot distribution pattern.

Actual Points Per Shot (Actual PPS): A team’s actual points per shot.

Shot Making Difference: This is the difference between a team’s Actual PPS and their XPPS, essentially how well they over or under-performed compared to the expected value of their shot selection. A positive value means the team shot better than expected. A negative value means they shot worse than expected.

Zone TSA%: This is the percentage of a team’s total true shot attempts that came from each zone. True shot attempts include shots from the field and trips to the free throw line.

Zone FG%: This is the team’s field goal percentage from each zone.